pass it on

it occurred to me today

as i ushered 7-two-weeks-from-8
out the door
telling him to be brave,
to do his best,
that it doesn't matter if he makes the
for the track and meet race today
or not
what matters is that he tries
and that he has fun

that i was doing just what my mom
has been doing for me
for the past two weeks
leading up to our skydiving adventure
on one hand telling me she is proud
and i am brave
and on the other
offering me that unconditional love
and reassurance
in the form of worry
and warnings
not to jump if i don't want to,
not to feel pressured,
at 37 she is giving me the
stand up for yourself
and only do what you feel comfortable with...
and it's nice.

and i realize that as much as most days
my day revolves around being someone's mom
that i am also as much a daughter.