my first ever self portrait challenge...

there is something about sesame street
gets me...
that calls to me with it's siren song
of banter between ernie and bert...
it's ladybug picnics,
it's pinball counting.

i watched sesame street far longer than the average kid should.
i blamed it on no cable access,
but really, i would have watched regardless.
i cried for real when mr hooper died.
i taped maria and luis's wedding...
i never really cared for all new characters (elmo)
but baby bear...
i love baby bear.

i feel guilty when i pick favorites...
(although ernie and bert hold a strong place)
but what about super grover...
oscar? grungetta? the count? forgetful jones?
big bird! snuffleupagus? THE TWEEDLEBUGS!
sam the robot?
sherlock hemlock! guy smiley? slimey?
telly and his triangles and all his anxieties i so associate with?
sully and biff?

i can't choose.

when i went to university, i was 21.
i pasted huge pictures of sesame street characters
on my dorm room wall...
they were my comfort zone,
those guys are always there for me...
they get me.

now i wear them
via a collection of t-shirts...
and they make me happy.
they make me

dododododododo dodo dodo dododoooo!