friday-i'm-in-love (with other blogs)...

eight want to help me
add a photo
to illustrate today's
friday-i'm-in-love (with other blogs) theme...
how could i resist...
so we bring you
friday-i'm-in-love(with other blogs)
{and with this guy...heehee}

i have found so many blogs lately that have made me feel
just a little crazy...
but in a good way...
so on this friday-i'm-in-love, i give you some links:

-i am not much of a chef/baker/culinary expert in any domain
{as can be attested to by my "once boiled french fries in water" story}
{which will not be shared today and still makes me blush}
but this blog makes me want to cook...and her sense
of humor? and her pictures? and how well she explains it all?
{even for people like me who once deep fried french fries in water}

-for a virtual overload {but really, who can ever get enough?}
of fantastic photos, go here....also has contests, challenges, daily clicks... will want to stay!

-i am an idea collector..especially when it come to my kids...and art...
so what could be better than here?

-and last but not least, the one that made me nearly cry
with excitement? i printed off "celebrate february"
and clapped my hands while waiting for the ink to dry...

go forth and visit.
and have a good friday.
have a great's the beginning of the weekend, you know.