looking for clarity.

it is february
and i feel like i have been spinning my wheels
so far this year.

like i am doing things...vague things...
and yet
not feeling like i am getting anything

this feeling
coupled with reading this and this
and being a part of this but
unsure of how to define it for myself
so that i was doing more than just
saying i was a part of it
{i like things in measureable quanities...
it keeps me accountable}
led me to choose my own word for 2008.


last year felt like a year of change and growth
for me...i changed my field of employment
and creatively, i spent a lot of time dreaming,
planning, imagining, researching and taking notes.
but this year, i want to focus. i want to begin to do.
i reread what i wrote while journalling about this:

"maybe my word for this year should be FOCUS-
which feels right to me in so many ways-to apply
myself to what i want to do, to narrow down,
to concentrate....and then the whole photography
side of the term appeals to me also. if only i could
stop and focus, perhaps i could do some of those
things that i always have on my list- i need to
stop listing things and get to the action."

that said,
i have decided to make myself accountable
by having saturday be a check in day for me.
i chose saturday because it is the end of the week
and i want it to be a chance to take a tally of my
week, to take inventory of where i am and how
i have been spending my time.

it will become my "tally up" day.

i invite you join me, if you feel so inclined...
i know saturdays are not good for everyone,
and you can choose any day or any way to tally
that you like...but really, i need to do this for me.
i need to be able to go back and say
i have done this...i have tried that...
i have focused on my goals and followed through.

happy saturday!

edited to add: i am in good company with the word focus,
the-talented-and-oh-so-cute-daisies had chosen this word
also in her mondo beyondo manifesto...