5 really good things on a wednesday {nablopomo day 26}

~this preview....brought to my attention
by the cutie who also brought about
the idea of 5 really good things on a wednesday
{and poetry thursday...}

~this totally cute superstar paper artist
and her adorable blog...

~the realization that this is out just in time for
christmas...and the giggles when i tried to tell
13 that she could tell her dad that i want this
book and 13 saying "you want a book by
falalfal-a?" heh.

~shopping with 13 last night and feeling much
more like friends than anything else...just relaxed
and giggling and making sarcastic remarks
{which is a requirement in the gkgirl household...
you have to be able to hold your own...heehee}

~and finally...but definitely not least...
a new job...
not that i didn't enjoy my old job
but this one has so much more room for
advancement...and better pay...and benefits...
{i have just worked every saturday for the last
year and a half with the exception of vacation weeks}

so although i am sad to leave the current job
and i know there will be pros and cons to both,
{for example, my new job is a 45 minute drive away
and my old one was a two minute drive...}
i am open minded and excited....
i start monday morning...
which means a new routine for the kids
as now they will have to be able to get themselves
ready for school but at 9 and 13, i should think
that is not an unrealistic expectation...
i think it is harder for me to let go of that control.

either way,
i am excited and sad,
scared and confident...
change is bittersweet.