welcome to day one, year two....

today is november first
and the first day of nablopomo...
i managed to do this last year
and have been looking forward to
giving it a go
again this year...
in fact, i feel like i am brimming over
with things that i would like to
"give a go"
this month.
i watched a news program last night
and a financial advisor was giving advice...
the main piece of information that
i came away with
was that she sets 3 goals everyday
for things that will advance her forward
towards the bigger goals she has set.
what are my bigger goals?
  • renovating the house
  • my husband's new business
  • turning my picture taking hobby into something else
  • handmade gifts for christmas
  • weight loss/tightening up the jiggly areas

sadly, i have more goals than this...but i'm trying to be realistic.

{also...i don't know why this is double spaced and so...it remains as such}