day which i have ingested too much diet coke

100 ideas by keri smith::number 12
Make a map of everywhere you went in one day.

i did draw a map of
where i have been
but rather than posting it here
i decided to post
a different map of where
i have been.
these photos represent
where i have been
in a totally different way...
and not in a day
but in what feels like a lifetime...
i have a hard time meshing my two lives
there was before them...and after them...
and they have changed me so much...
i have changed me so much...
and that makes me happy.

there is a wooden christmas tree
plugged in by the couch
and i can see the glow
of the lights reflected in the window
beside me
and that makes me happy.

i received a phone call today
that puts me one more tiny step
forward towards
officially opening a photography business...
and an email yesterday from a friend that
i thought had forgotten about me
and today i emailed her back with some hard was hard for me
because it felt like "putting myself out there"
but it felt good at the same time...
i watched a video blog of someone else's
good news...
tonight is greys anatomy and a taped
episode of glee with a fudgestick
and maybe even a mug of hot chocolate
while i sit wrapped in fuzzy blankets
and allow myself to be lost
in someone else's life a while...

but i'm always happy to come back to my own.