on the spur of the moment.

no photos,
no plan
just writing from the top of my head
straight from the hip
no punctuation, no capitals
(not that i do that much anyway...)

christmas was good, very very good
in a relaxed, low-key kind of way...
after some family drama (which we never have)
i just wanted to relax
and slow down
and take christmas in...
let go of any expectations...
let go of any underlying resentments...
and it was good...

the kids were happy, we had so much fun at my parents
not once did i feel snappish or
like i needed a moment to myself...
it just went along smoothly...
and before i knew it, it was over.

i have spent the rest of the weekend
rotating between cleaning up
and sleep, with sleep winning out
much of the time...i have been fighting
a flu for the past week and now that
i can sleep, i think i will...the house
will survive some clutter and
a bedraggled tree a little longer...

i think i will take the lessons of christmas
into 2010 for me...to breathe
relax...ease into things...
take it slow...
let the little things go.

and yet, at the same time,
i am anxious to start thinking about my
new year's resolutions...i love resolutions...
well...really...i love lists.

now...off to find a cold can of diet coke
and figure out how to upload music to
my hand-me-down ipod...

i hope you had the happiest of christmases
and want to take a moment to say
how happy i am to still be blogging...
it has been a long time and i am grateful
for the friends that have stuck with me
for the long haul and for the new ones just made...