2009 was a good year for me.
my word for the year was dare...
and as i looked back over the year,
i think it fit.

i started a new job, an hour's drive away
{which meant winter driving, a first for me!}

i photographed my first wedding.

i had my first photography showing.

participated in a bridal show.

started an etsy shop {and actually sold something!!}.

created a website.

had a photo featured on shutter sisters daily click.

had a photo featured on explore.

began shooting manually...no more relying on auto.

collaborated with liz...

did a month of daring....

started using lightroom.

was interviewed for 2 newspapers.

started the pretty little teacup series.

did my first guest post!

wrote 13 poems for aprils post a poem.

bought a computer and set it up all by myself!!

participated in an art and wine festival

attended a creative writing workshop

baked my first apple pie

made a mondo beyondo grande i'm gonna be 40 list!

started the 100 ideas for creativity

made scalloped potatoes

posted 28 out of 30 days in november

i'm excited by this
but i'm also a little intimidated...
where to go for this year...
and what will my word be...

what about you?
what's your word...your plan...your list...
your longings? what do you see for