little bits of happiness on wednesday morning...

~fresh strawberries sprinkled with sugar
left just long enough for the sugar to turn red
and juicy and sticky

~finding new music to be inspired by


~feeling drunk with possibility

~an extra long hug from ten last night...
we are going through a bit of a challenging time
so that hug felt good, like old times.

~the light through the leaves outside my window right now

~tickle fights and late night conversations

~positive feedback both at work and on my latest photos
{and i need some beleif in myself right now in both areas
so this was very much appreciated}

~journalling at 6 am...remembering i have this book that i
haven't tried yet...realizing that so many of the things i have
been asking for in my journal have been coming through for
me in a gradual way...

and yes, i am showing winter pictures but i was late getting these
edited and well...i kind of like them...heehee