the last of my snow photos...

i am barely awake
in my husband's housecoat
and barefeet

i sit before a flickering screen
and wait
for words to emerge

this week has been very full and busy
in good ways
but i am starting to think
i can't keep going at this speed...
not the way i'm doing it...
fueling myself on cinnamon rolls
and can after can of diet coke
no water, no healthy food
not sleeping enough...
and i haven't been on the treadmill in a week
{although i did take my camera for a walk wednesday night,
that's gotta count for something?}

and any suggestions for music?
i LOVE the she and him cd
which i just got and have been playing non-stop...
i'm open to trying just about anything.

{i just realized that there is a NEW she and him cd,
yay!! and did you see the sssssweeettt is that?