monday morning happiness list

~watching ten and 14 go outside in the rain to dance
around like lunatics with their father, the biggest
lunatic of them all...

~ten and 14 made cards for their dad for father's day...
14's made me cry when i read it...she cut photos and
quotes from comics and books and then added her own
little poem at the end...

you get that from your father,
is one of her favorite lines,
shes daddys little girl,
and in his light she shines,
she strives to be just like him,
...abilities, looks, and speech,
like climbing a tree, from limb to limb,
the top, she will soon reach,
mistakes, tears, and sadness,
all start to fade away,
when he reads the poem,
she wrote him for fathers day.
happy fathers day dad :)

~hot chocolate and cookies while watching
mrs. doubtfire with the kids and S.

~a clean house that smells like vanilla and lemons...

~breaking down saturday morning over something
that has been bothering me for a long time and finally
telling S. about it and crying for about half an hour...
a release i obviously needed. and how sweet he was
about it...

~french toast and maple bacon for breakfast