9 things i have done this week

-listened to damien rice over and over...at the computer, in the car
specifically blower's daughter and delicate...i am entranced.

-took a handful of smurfs, ninjas, a small ice cream cone and
a dinosaur to the park for a photo shoot

-planned an impromptu birthday party

-dealt with the meeting of a new boyfriend for 15

-dealt the subsequent break up

-saw the most amazing sunrise yesterday...full on hot pink whole sky
breath taking mind numbing trees a black sillhouette on the horizon

-ate fruit loops and watched it's the great pumpkin charlie brown

-wondered why it feels like there is always one ball on the floor,
why can't i keep them all in the air at the same time....

-recieved the most happiest of mail last night...my BOOK
from liz....i can't wait to tear into it, to sink into it, to lose
myself in it...but first, i'll make myself wait until the moment
is. just. right.