tuesday truths...

i am feeling much lighter
after that painful post...
and thank you for your comments
and for taking the time to email...
knowing you are not alone
makes things seem much more bearable.

my truths today::

i can't wait for january...to set the photography business
aside for a few months and catch my breath, to have some
time to just sit and focus on restocking myself with ideas and
inspiration...to read and write and draw and just surf the net...

and really...i think that's it.
i gave away so much of myself in the last post...
and really, this one kernel of truth
about my longing for january
feels much bigger
than it looks
in print.

it feels tangible...like i want to keep it in my pocket
and take out the idea of january
whenever i feel stressed and deadlined and
so. far. behind.

maybe i will...
maybe i will put it in my pocket.