pulling it all together for one poetry filled month

serendipity is a funny thing.

for the last 3 years or so
i have attempted some version of
i have tried to post a poem a day...
last year
i took a step further and made myself a list
of what i wanted to accomplish during the national poetry month of april...

i make no secret
of the fact
that i am enamored by liz elayne...
i read her blog faithfully
and daydream about the day
that i can attend one of her retreats...

the other day
i stopped by her blog
and she spoke about her new online workshop
poem it out.

in april.
for a month.
{give or take a day or two}.

{as always}
i wondered
do i have the money...
checked my card and realized i had way more on there than i thought.

in april i will be poem-ing it out
and attemping to post once a day
while also using some of list from last year...

this could be fun.