post-a-poem 1 {2012}

April 1.

8:40 pm.

i have thought about this off and on all day.
the first day of my self-imposed post a poem a day challenge...
can i do it...will i do it...
{i need to beleive that i can, that i will...
because there have been so many times i have attempted things like this
and stopped dead short in the middle of a breath.}

so here goes...
attempt number one...

tonight I scatter words
happenstance and willy nilly
like rose petals at a failed wedding...
like mismatched china
and dollar store dishes.
I put the cracked with the fragile and the longstemmed crystal
next to the broken teacup.
I toss the words with wild abandon,
they rain on my shoulders
like snow
melting on my tongue
and turning my heart

edited to say that i realize now that i was not late...i was actually very early...
considering i posted this on march 31 :O)