post-a-poem 2 {2012}

i am doing liz lamoreux's e course
and today
was the first day...

there was talk of meditation
and putting your pen to paper
and of wondering
what drew you to poetry...

to be honest,
i feel that i don't write poetry,
i scribble
and i confess
and i lie and i vent.
i don't edit.
i don't write with an audience in mind.
i don't share
{except here}{and there}

but i do purge.
i release.

it has always been this way for me.
ever since that day in grade ten
when i found
the lyrics to
with or without you
handwritten on a torn piece of looseleaf
on the locker room floor
and thought it was a poem
and my head cracked open just a little bit
as i thought
THIS could be what poetry is.
there are no stanzas, no rules,
just words {and i love words}
strung together in a way that evoked
in me...

and to be consistent, here is a purging of my own:

how long has it been
since i have sat
pen and paper in hand
no other distractions...
no flickering lights to pull me away
no internet connection
no proxy no server
just me
and my paper and pen
and time...
time to listen to myself again