poem it out 3 {2012} and i'm already a day behind...

last night
it was a headache
of grand
that had me going to bed
at 4 in the afternoon
still wearing the dress
i wore to work
and sleeping til 6 this morning.

no writing, no reading
barely any dreaming
just waking in starts and stops
and thinking
yes...it's still there....
the headache is not gone yet.

echoes of it remain today.

but i wanted to stop by,
just to get my post in...

to get my poem in...

a walk to work- silent sun in my eyes
words bouncing and tumbling
ideas forming and shaping
shifting and evolving
i can't keep up
with my own pace

blue sky above the green of the tree
blows me away
stream of conciousness in a 
quiet office
scribble scrabble sketchy etchings
of a twenty minute walk

a foray into my mind.