post-a-poem 4 {2012}

i am following the plans and prompts and exercises on 
loving it...
truly loving it.

although i am feeling pre-wedding photography jitters
as i have my first wedding
for this season on saturday
and i am not ready for easter
and feel overwhelmed and 
just a little skittery-scattery-all-over-the-place
just trying to take a deep breath
be slow
be patient with my own thoughts.

so tonight,
i tried an exercise she suggested
and although i was afraid i was not going to be able to settle
and that it was not going to happen tonight
i ended up being 
extremely happy with what came out of it...
i'm not sure if this is a 
or if it is, in fact, finished...but here it is regardless.

we asked you to pick up the tires
     you had scattered
     all over the lawn
{once again, we are the neighbors 
     no one wants to know}
{they avoid us when they go door to door
    selling their goddamned girl guide cookies}.

this morning, i looked out
and saw that you had built 
   an inukshuk of sorts
     from 3 car tires
with an old metal chair 
    you had rescued from the side of the road
         perched proudly on top
like a totem...
     like a love note...
          to me.

and i carry it in my heart.