i am doing a read along/work along of this book
i have been sick
and already have fallen behind...
but it is ok
because you can work at your own pace,
and you can join in at any time...

what is my intention?
why am i interested, what am i looking for
what do i want to get out of this exercise?

sometimes i think i am just skating along
just gliding over the surface of everything...
life, love, family, work, photography...
sometimes i think i am on cruise control
just getting from one day to another
with post it notes of to do lists
and calendars, schedules, appointments, commitments...

i can't remember the last time
i. just. messed. around
with paint and paper, glue and ink.

i can't remember the last time i really journalled.

i feel like i go in spurts...and lulls...
and i am coming out of the lull and i don't want to
miss this part of the process...
i don't want to glide through my life.
i want to embrace it, inhale it, suck it in, breathe it out
i want to make it count.

so my intention is to bring myself to attention.
look around.
look inside.
look deep.
no glossing.  no gliding.

i want to crack myself open
and see what's inside.