i don't think

i have ever gone this long
without a post of some kind...

but this summer has come and gone
in the blink of an eye
and sometimes i am stunned that we all made it through

S is doing better...
so much better!
he came home from the hospital on August 13
(the accident was June 29)
and has slowly been able to do more and more.
his right knee may never be the same
but that is a small price to pay
compared to what

and life rolled on, mercilessly at times, it seemed.

i had to put down our 13 year old dog.
the cat had fleas.
my camera broke...literally died...right in the middle of a wedding
i was shooting.

but we are still here.
and he is home
where he should be.
and every night, i climb into that bed
in the room with the unfinished trim
and the piles of clothes still teerering around us
waiting for me to find the time to put them away
and i breathe a sigh of releif
and gratefullness for the fact that he is here beside me.