all hallows eve...

and i was pleasantly surprised.

i am not a halloween person.
i don't know why.
i'm just not.
people are always surprised by it.
apparently i'm dark and creative and artsy
so i am supposed to love halloween.
but i don't.

and last night,
the first night of neither of my kids needing me
for trick or treating?
i was prepared for sadness.

but i was pleasantly surprised.

i helped 13 with his costume
and we were all pretty happy with the end result
and then i put out our pumpkins
{another story all on it's own}
and blared creepy scary music from the windows.

and kids came, not many cause our street is pretty quiet,
but they came.  and it was fun.
a lot of fun.
it was so fun that i hardly felt that twinge of
they-are-all-grown-up-and-don't-need-me-anymore sadness.
{note i said hardly.  which doesn't mean none.}