monday musings

an blurb from morning pages: 

The girl with the butterfly brown eyes stood with her back against the wall.
Silent and still, only her eyelashes fluttered as she looked down at her bare feet. 
Pudgy toes and a fallen instep.  White baby doll dress with frills and lace, bare legs,
black hair, biting her bottom lip.

I remember her then.  So different from the woman I know now.
Though she still want me to call her girl. 
She still bites her bottom lip.

If I could turn back time...I thought....would I? 

Would I go back there? Would she?  Who would ever know.
It can't be done anymore than the damage can be undone.  I shook my head and let it go.
Move on, I told myself, move on, people...nothing more to see here.
Just some broken glass and shards of heart and maybe an owed apology or two.