saturday night & my eyes are sleepy

there were so many things i was going to do this weekend.

and somehow,
i feel like the day has passed without anything
getting done.

i started out on the computer
thinking that wordpress might be the way to go
for my photography blog
and spent way too much time
trying to incorporate it onto the website
finally figuring it out! :)
and then realizing
really make a difference.

you just link to it anyway.
which i had already done with my blogger version
that was kind of a waste of time.

and then
realized that blog templates and logos and all that are
than i thought.

and then
(because i was starting to get frustrated)
(which makes me start to get antsy and
messes with my ability to sit still)
i got in the car
and drove outside of town with the camera
that was

that was just what i needed.

driving clears my head.
it allows me to think.
it slows me down and clarifies the big picture for me.

i came home to juicy hamburgers all ready to be eaten
while listening to 13 chatter happily...
and now...
i'm ready for bed.

sunday is another day.