musing on monday

morning pages:  a blurb from january 2013

morning pages at 8 pm on a saturday night
when i feel like i should be having a shower
or lighting a candle or meditating
or folding clothes
and my sweater is too big
and my slippers are too hot and did i just hear the disc that i am burning
pop out and oh...
i'm thirsty, maybe i should have made tea
maybe i could still make tea.
and have a shower
and fold those clothes.
why is it so hard for me to sit at this desk?  why can't i focus?
all day i am racing around to get the house clean
so that i can have this time to myself
and then
i don't know what to do
with myself.
i don't know where to start.
start with just starting.
start with just starting.