sickly...cough, cough, hack, hack.

just getting over 3 weeks of a rotten cold/flu
that snuck up on me
and put me down for the count....
wheezing cough
stuffed up sinuses
incredible cold sweats that left me drenched
of energy...
no appetite
headache every god-damned day.

the up-side of being sick
is how much you realize
you take feeling good
for granted.

and i am starting to feel better now
and the snow is melting
and the headache is a dull echo
and right now the kids are watching a horror movie
with their dad
all smooshed into one couch
and because i can't watch horror movies
(i can't even listen to them)
i am at the computer with headphones on
and 8tracks blaring
my favorite playlist
getting caught up on email and facebook and pinterest
oh pinterest, how i have missed you...

and i'm happy.
happy to awake and alert at 9 pm
for a change
(even if the kids do try to shush my coughing...heh)