it's the teeny tiny things that count...

even when things suck,
there are always good things...
you just might have to
look a little bit harder for them...
but they are there.

♥ all that was wrong with the car was a fuse...and it was fixed right in my driveway
♥ a beautiful mild night after the last couple of days of frigid cold
♥ counting the stars while taking the dog out
♥ hitting 20.00 right on the mark at the gas pump...i love when that happens
♥ sweating out my stress and frustrations on the treadmill to REALLY loud music
♥ jet stream so strong in the hot tub that i literally can't stand up against pushes me across the hot tub but it feels awesome on my neck & shoulders!
♥ lunch with a best friend


♥ lemon lemon 7's very very lemony
♥ new moisturizer that makes my skin feel awesome
♥ texts from a best friend
♥ the sauna all to myself
♥ an interview for something interesting for my boy...fingers crossed...but thankful either way for the thoughtful teacher that went out of his way to recommend him for this.
♥ the sunset that i could see from the literally seemed to last hour anyway
♥ studded tires
♥ being tagged in silly things by my girl...which is kind of our way of saying i miss you...


and really....what more needs to be said. 
plus....LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE....oh my heart.

random gratefulness...

thanksgiving is over...
but in the spirit of thanksgiving,
here is a very random list of things
that i have recently been
thankful for...

  • my family and friends
  • a warm cozy orange house
  • fall leaves
  • dirt roads
  • marshmellow bananas
  • 3 day old chicken fricot
  • tylenol
  • youtube yoga videos (especially those specific to calming raging headaches)
  • hot apple cider
  • pjs with feet
  • maple french toast bagels
  • trips to moncton to see my girl
  • jasmine thomspon
  • hazelnut cream candles
  • secret weddings
  • tragically hip
  • a huge flock of geese that flew right towards my window at work
  • pigs
  • judge judy
  • tomato soup with basil
  • getting lost on dirt roads and finding my way out of trails in the woods
  • sugar doughnuts
  • forehead kisses
  • the song emma wrote
  • polka dot rain boots
  • people so sweet and supportive at the bullet journal session i did
  • watching almost famous again
  • that campbell knows all the words to tiny dancer
  • talking to my mom on the phone
  • bonecrushing hugs
  • early morning mist in the fields