today i will

  • take a walk because the sun is shining and i don't want to miss it
  • make a list of all the things that need to be done
  • tidy up my studio so i start using it again!

  • finish editing the family photos
  • keep cleaning out the last 3 years worth of photos that are sitting in my computer right now as both originals and edits and taking up valuable much needed space
  • make a meal plan for this week
  • finish the laundry
  • find some time to read at least a little more of this book...which i was totally surprised that i could not put good
  •  take one photo
  • put chicken in slow cooker for sandwiches this week
  • at least 15 minutes of yoga
  • daydream about last summer by looking at the photos i posted here today. 
now...i had better get busy :)