inner excavation::week one and a memory

a year ago this weekend,
my husband was in a motorcycle accident.

it was a friday night.

he has not been able to work since that night.
but things are getting better.
hopefully, he will be able to get back to work in the next 6-8 weeks.
it has been a long year
of fear and worry
and small steps forward
of tears and giggles
and hospital beds and

but it could have been so much worse.

that summer, i had planned on doing inner excavation
with liz lamoreux as she was going to do a read-along
but, for obvious reasons,
that kind of fell by the way-side.

this summer,
it is being done again here with liz's blessing...
so i have signed up again
with the hopes that i will do the whole book this time.

that said...
they are doing a bit of a show & tell over at the glitterhood...
and here is mine.

 this is the journal that i started last year when it began...
at that time, begin was my mantra,
was my starting point and seemed to also be my stopping point...
i could not seem to move past "beginning" even before the accident.
but this year,
i am hoping to push myself harder.
to let go of the feeling that things have to be perfect,
that i need the right materials, the right ingredients, the right time of day...
the reality is
so here i am again.

at the beginning.

i have decided that this year,
i will start a photo series but one that will encompass the whole summer for me.
the reason for this is two part....
i have the deep seated need to spend more time with my family this summer,
to really connect...and also, to embrace summer.
to not let it just pass me by
in the blink of an eye.

in that vein, here is a list of

summer photo ideas

  • the deck as it progresses
  • tomato plants
  • berry picking
  • bare feet
  • grass
  • bonfire
  • summer skirts and bare legs
  • beach
  • flowers
  • popsicles
  • slushies, floats, ice cream
  • dairy bars
  • the kids
  • fireworks
  • a road trip
  • parade
  • sparklers
  • bbq's
  • corn on the cob
  • berries
and this is how i will embrace summer.