inner excavation::4 questions

morning pages and 4 questions inspired by inner excavation:

who am i?
point blank.
dark haired
avid reader
happily married
wildly in love
mom of two
happy in my dream day job
diet coke addict
muppet loving
whimsical, amusing, loner
slightly anti-social
yet always smiling
at strangers
cartoon fanatic
weird and wordy...
and ok
with being weird
and wordy.

who or what inspires me?
stories.  scents.  memories.  music.  authors.  Margaret Atwood.  Leonard Cohen.  blogs.  pinterest.  color.  shapes.  lines.  architecture.   writing.  words.  writers.  non-conformists.  movies.  fonts.  advertising.  lyrics.  nature.  imaginative people.  people who are brave; who put themselves out there, who are ok with being themselves, who stand up for other people.  patterns.  artists.

how do you nurture yourself?
long drives
list making
allowing myself to just sit, to just be.

how did you find your creative voice?
through accidental blogging...
while looking for a mortgage and being frustrated with the system
only to find that there was a whole world of other people out there
that liked the same things that
i like.
a click and a opening....a gush of possibility
an awareness, an excitement.
bringing me to today.

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