snippets of happiness::the sunday version

after feeling kind of down about myself
on friday
and finding it hard to pull myself together on Saturday
even knowing i had a wedding
to pull off
ahead of me,
eventually...i felt myself coming around.

the wedding went fantastic.
the lighting was amazing.
the couple was drop dead gorgeous.
the venue was great...and the beach spot
for the photos...unreal.
water hitting the rocks
a view of the dunes...
so happy with how that went.

today i woke up with a headache
but still things have gone ok...
a family photo session in the park
followed by actually using some of the
old furniture i bought earlier this summer
in our over-grown backyard.

walking the dog...

can of cold diet coke and nacho crunch its...
a little editing....
spaghetti supper at my mom's...
some giggling...
a forgotten favorite song on the drive home.

now wrapped up in a blanket for a little late night editing before bed
and i'm feeling better about my place in the world.