hello, 2014! please be my friend...

happy new years!
2014 has arrived
with snow and sunshine
and little bits of frozen breath
in every breath you take.

christmas has passed us in a flurry of 
ripped wrapping paper
and meat pies...
the highlights included shopping with both my parents,
which i never, ever have done before...
my dad avoids the stores like the plague
but this year, he came along and it. was. so. much. fun.
you have to know my dad to really get it,
but he is easily amused, entertained, bewildered and intrigued
and he is loud...and short...and full of energy...and adorable
and always, always happy.

and now, 2014 is upon us.
usually, i have to think about my word
and contemplate and consider and weigh the options
but not this year.
this year
it was apparent
it was obvious...
this year, my word chose me.
i need to find balance in my life.
i need to find a way to make all the little pieces
fit together in some sort of cohesive fashion.

welcome 2014...
i look forward to getting to know you better
and i hope that you have good things in store for us all!