This Life::Project 365


I have not completely hammered out my resolutions yet
but I have a vague idea of what they will look like.
I do know that I want to take more photos this year,
more photos of my own life, my family, my kids, my world...
I feel like I have been caught up in a vortex of weddings
and capturing other people's families...
which then makes me NOT want to pick up the camera on my own time.

that has to change.
I know I said it before but this time, I really, really mean it.
I want to find that escape that a camera used to give me.

A huge part of why I was reluctant before to snap photos
on my own time was the hassle of bringing out my dslr...
and the fear of what if something happens to it...
I need it for the weddings already booked...

but now that I have my new phone
(which is a Note 2 and I love it even if it is only 8 mp)
(and I am totally not being sponsored to say that, hahaha)
and a 32 gig sd card
I am ready to try this again.
I am not going to overthink it.
I am just going to use my phone and various camera apps
to make sure I find a moment in my day to
take at least one photo to capture
my world.

you can check out my facebook page or flickr page or instagram to see more, if you want...
here's hoping i can keep the momentum up!