give your dreams wings....

May might have brought me snow
but it also brought me
longer daylight hours...
which i really, really needed
desperately, actually.
i have gotten more done
in the past two weeks
than it feels like i have all winter.
i am reading...and writing...
making plans and answering emails.
Getting the laundry done,
cleaning the house, walking the dog,
little bits of yoga
and laying on the deck in my pajamas
soaking up sunlight.
and i started an e-course!
it was free (which right now, it would have to be for me
to be able to take it) and it is being given by the
amazing andrea shroeder...
it is called "give your dreams wings"
and you should totally
go check it out...
right now.
i used some of my christmas gift cards
and bought a new journal...
i wasn't sure about it at first...
(i was looking for graph paper and spiral bound)
but i am enamoured.
i have fallen in love.
i might have to go buy another one
so that i am not tempted to hoard this one.