on the other side...

it's monday morning
and not only do i have the day off
but i am the only person at home.

i cannot remember the last time
i have been the only person home.

early morning yoga
a gray cloudy day
the heater pointed straight at my back
the pug snoring in his basket
while cowboy junkies play in the background...
lemon flavored ice water and
a new journal.

it's been a good morning.
and it's only 9:30.

i feel like we are finally
on the other side
of what has been a very long and hard winter.

i have been doing the "give your dreams wings" e course
and this morning i thought about
what are my dreams?
what do i want to accomplish?
and i narrowed it down to 7.

and then i thought about each of them in terms of
which ones are do-able right now to some extent,
which ones cause me to feel the most excited,
what kind of steps would i be able to break them down to.

and it really made me think...especially since my first one
was that i would like to have something published somewhere...
and when i really pictured what this looked like for me,
it had nothing to do with money at all.
i just want to write something that i am proud of,
that one person might say to me
"i really liked that."

and i realized that it is no longer the top item on my list.
which was surprising to me.

what is on the top of my list right now is to
take the photography business to the next level.
which is not only do-able
but necessary.
and i think it will make some of the other things fall in line for me.

and robots.
robots are still making me feel very excited.