January 17th and still no word....

i have been operating
without a word for the year
for 17 days.

i feel a little unmoored.
and liberated...a little...
but more like i am forgetting something,
i am missing something.

i am missing my word.

between trying to finish last season's weddings
and get the discs/prints out
and answer emails and meet with old and new clients
plus my regular job
and normal family stuff,
i feel like all my time is gone before
i even know it.

but i am still doing a photo a day so far...
here's a round up from this week, which i might start
doing on saturdays, just to get me back to the blog.

 If you want to follow (or play) along, you can find me on instagram under gkgirl70....photo of the day is being hashtagged #myLife2015