snapshot saturday 2015

itty bitty snippets of my life
Feb 1-7

  Dr Phil and diet coke...pushing the editing but seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!  01.02.2015 #myLife2015

 I am not even going to say it....but they are all dressed if you are wondering...02.02.2015 #myLife2015

 I don't think we have ever had this much snow outside our front window before....#2015BlizzardTheSequel 03.02.2015

 The plow!  We have a lane!  And a filled in driveway again.  04.02.2015

It came!  It came!  Volume one came today! #chatbooks 05.02.2015 #bestsixninetyfiveieverspent ♡♡♡ #myLife2015 use my code PUJPJXYX and get your own!! me too! I can help shovel!  :)

 It's OK cause it's Saturday.  07.02.2015 #myLife2015