the year of the avid reader: book one

this photo really has nothing to do with this post but right now i am surrounded by snow with more coming tomorrow.  i need this, do you hear?  i need to look at this right now and be reminded that there are other colors besides white.  :)
i love to read.

i don't always have the time
but i always, always
have the intention.

i want to make time to
and i also want to get back to blogging more
so what could be better
than blogging
about reading?!?
what a novel idea!
(see what i did there?  you know...reading...novel...
never's late & i am getting giddy.)

the first book that i completed in 2015
was The Signature of All Things
by Elizabeth Gilbert.

granted...i started this book in 2014.

but i have to say....i loved it.
surprisingly, i loved it.
it was long and at times i found myself thinking
"but...what is this about?  what's the story?  what's the plot line?"
but you have to keep in mind,
i had just come off a binge of young adult action packed
little mini series like the hunger games.

but this?
this was quiet and reserved, sweeping and serene
eloquent and visual and made you stop and think.
and there were twists that i did not expect.
mainly because...i wasn't expecting twists....
it didn't seem like that kind of a book.

i really did enjoy this.
i might look for the stuff she did before Eat Pray Love...
give it a try.

and that was book one :)
feel free to leave me suggestions of what else to read this year!