it's thanksgiving weekend here
and i feel that i have plenty to feel grateful for:

  • an amazing little family that gets along and laughs...a lot... :)
  • a fantastic extended family...parents, sibling, in-laws, nieces & nephews
  • a job that i go to five days a week that i love...and great people to work with!
  • a second job that feeds my creative side...maybe a little too well sometimes but it's all good!
  • my beautiful little island in the fall {and every other season really...i love them all..even the dreaded winter}
  • the pug...(and the fact that the pug is about to have new semi siblings...KITTENS!!) (more about them later!)
  • old friends that have know me forever and still love me...and new friends in the making...
  • my fantastic clients and photography friends and supporters...this wouldn't be NEARLY as much fun without any of you!!!
  • the ability and opportunity and freedom to vote, to maybe help make a difference
  • the first season of Roseanne is on Netflix
  • new presets (thank you Pretty Presets!)
  • cold diet coke in a can (cause sometimes...its just the little things)

there is much more more that i could say i'm grateful for
but right now, my eyelids are drooping from turkey overload...
and my bed is calling me with it's siren song of a warm duvet
and maybe a heating pad...(more things that i'm grateful for).