long weekends...

i love a long weekend.

especially a long weekend with sunshine...
and small epiphanies

saturday morning, i got up early to go for a walk.
as i walked our local boardwalk by the water
i started thinking about how i used to walk all the time
i used to love walking.
i walked for fun, for relaxation, to think and to check out my town...
i people-watched...i studied houses...i watched the progression of gardens...
i problem-solved and let things go...

when did that stop.
and why.

when did it start being that i had to walk fast
with headphones on and track every step
so i could count it against every calorie i ate?

so saturday i decided that i am not going to do that anymore.
but i am going to try to walk more....
once a day in fact....with my camera more and my headphones less...
i am going to try different routes, in my town and outside of it...
i am going to listen to birds and the water lapping against the rocks,
i am going to turn randomly and take roads i haven't gone down before.
i am going to walk slowly and stop to take photos of the
budding trees, the blue sky, the reflection of the clouds in a mud puddle.

and maybe i will make a pact with myself...
maybe i will try to walk everyday, even just a little walk,
for 100 days...which will take me through summer and into
the start of fall.
and maybe
i will take a photo while while i'm walking
and call it #100daysofzenwalking