baby steps...

yesterday i worked on my wedding questionnaire
which i talked about a little in yesterday's blog post
as i gushed about google forms...
but this was a step forward for me,
something i had been intending to do for a long time...
previously, i had done this as part of my contract
but i realized that, because of that, it was not getting done.
the timing was wrong.
the contract sometimes goes out two years in advance
and the information i wanted to gather on the questionnaire
was going to decided much closer to the wedding date.

so i felt like this was a big thing crossed off my list.

today i decided to figure out something else that has been on countless to do lists,
just never very close to the top.
people are always asking me about purchasing prints...not wedding prints, not family prints,
but some of the other work that I do...
(the other work that i realize i don't do nearly as much as i would like to, by the way)
so today, i looked at some options for offering my prints up for sale.

in the end, i decided to create an account with Fine Art America...
and so far...I AM LOVING IT.
when i first started taking photos, i used the website "flickr" so share my photos
and really, that was a huge help for me.
it let me see which photos i posted got the most attention,
it allowed me to participate in groups and both offer and accept feedback.
there were so many people that were better than me
but there were many people that were just starting out, like me...
it was a very friendly, welcoming, positive experience for me.

and i kind of feel like Fine Art America is similar...
not only can you share your art on their site but you can join groups,
you can favorite & like & comment other artists...and i like this...i like this a lot

so feel free to drop by my page at Fine Art America
and check things out.  No pressure to purchase.  I am really just looking to
find a new way to connect with others and to offer the possibility of purchase
to those who had asked for it.  :)