friday i'm in love....

sweet, sunny friday...
i'm still a little uneasy about my little girl who has gone away
but she has been awesome
about texting me frequently, which makes it so much easier for me
she knows what i'm like...

this is what it is like to live in my head.
she texted me when they called them to board the plane,
she texted me when they landed,
she texted me when she found her luggage,
she texted me that she was at swiss chalet drinking long island iced tea,
she texted me when her friend found her,
she texted me when they got to her friend's house.

the next morning, i texted her to ask her if things were good
she replied yep...

i start thinking...that was a short answer.
how do i know it was her...and come to think of it,
the last text she sent me last night was pretty short...
what if it isn't her...what if someone abducted her...and now they
are just answering her phone to buy more time,
to not raise suspicion...

see for yourself....proof of my jump-to-conclusions-brain

so now...that i know that she is all right...ordering from pizza pizza and hanging out

friday i'm in love...

Inside Out::PIXAR
ladies and gentleman, it's the MUPPETS!!!!!!
these crispy salt & pepper-y chips...i'm addicted...weight loss plan be damned!
catching up on grey's anatomy...sigh
google did i not know about this!  seriously, so awesome...and seriously, i am such a geek.  I used this to create a new questionnaire for my wedding clients...and it was so sweet! 
seriously, seriously contemplating letting my formerly black hair go silver...this pinterest board is enough to make me commit
and on the same note, if i can be just like her when i grow up, i am totally looking forward to it!

Happy Friday!!!!!