it's friday!!


  • with the fact that my girl is home from Hamilton...she's full of stories and thinks her ability to attract weird situations (inherited from me) was in overdrive, but she had a great time.  And now, I am just incredibly happy to have both my littles (heh.  not so little but...still...) home under the same roof.  :)
  • warm melty friday night chocolate chip cookies
  • getting a couple of things started today that will feel like weights lifted of our backs when done
  • watched this movie finally and oh. my. gawd.  it made me want to go and pick up my camera right. that. second.  It couldn't have come at a better time as I was feeling kind of down and uncertain about myself and this movie made me feel like it's all right to be a little's all right to be me.  :)
  • the face that skate 3 and gta 5 have such interesting song playlists.  15 plays both and tonight, I said something I never thought I would say..."are you listening to neil diamond?"  and then he went on to play (and sing) celine dion at the top of his lungs.  i love that he is that comfortable with himself. :)
  • liz lamoureux...30 ways to invite more joy...i love a good list.  And this.  This is a good list.
  • MollyCoddle (Molly Balint) is one of my most favorite bloggers.  Seriously, I never thought that I would be envious of a woman on a farm...but I read her blog and I am all kinds of shades of green.  She just documents it all so beautifully.  And imagine my surprise today when I read that she would like to make the trek to PEI!  Come!  Come to PEI!  You will not regret it!   :)
  • chatbooks and journals and early morning revelations

happy happy friday from here to there...wherever your there is!  :)