friday i'm in love...the big city edition

♥ i had to be on course this week in Charlottetown...
while i was there, i had the opportunity to eat at Leonhard's
which i have walked by many times,
but have never gone in.
the food was delicious and the decor
made me drool as much
as the smell of the fantastic food...

♥ speaking of the decor of Leonhard's,
there was a painting across from where i was sitting
that literally took my breath away...
and it's been popping up in my mind ever since.
it was done by an island artist that i was familiar with
and have liked her work all along
but this...
this one really got a grip on me.
i had to google search it when i got home...
it's called "3 trees & we are home"
i just want to melt into it.

the bookmark is an independent bookstore
that i have always loved...i have always missed the
"paper station" that they used to have but was
so happy to see that they have added a great
section of art supplies & board games & puzzles
as well as books! 
so many things i wanted to buy but in the end
i settled for this

yay!  i got a new pen!!  and a journal!

♥ trying out this intense vitamin e moisturizer from body shop
for my ridiculously dry i stop clawing at it...
it's so itchy!

the strawberry body butter was just an extra :)

♥ and this has nothing to do with Charlottetown...
but...i love it...along with this intro
(& i just realized they are the guys that did the
treadmill video too!)