tuesday truth:: that phone call...

i didn't want to write about this last week.
i couldn't.
i think the scare was still too fresh,
too real,
too raw.

a phone call during supper...

a nurse is on the line
telling you first
that everything is ok,
remember that when
we tell you the rest...
everything is ok.

and yet
my heart still fell to the floor
when they said
"we have campbell here...
he's been in a car accident".

{everything is ok...remember...everything is ok}

we rush up to emergency
and find him in the same big room
that stirling was in after his bike accident...
neck brace on
but just as a precaution...
xrays are done,
ultrasounds and blood pressure,
and many, many
times being told
how lucky he was,
how lucky all 3 of them were.

the nurse was right,
everything really is ok.
he is fine, the other kids are ok...
lessons have been learned
the hard way
(but not as hard
as they could have been.)

and once again
i have been reminded
that life can change
on the spin of a dime...
to hug the people i love
every time i can
and to stop what i am doing
to really listen to their stories...
to pay attention,
to be present,
to not take any time for granted.