scour the archive meme...

the sweet and sassy vanessa
of rising to the challenge
tagged me for a meme...
and it looks like an interesting way to look
back at my archives
here goes:

Here are the rules and responses:
Go back through your archives and link to your five favourite posts.

-link one: about your family....{i messed with this a for each family member}
-link two: about friends
-link three: about yourself
-link four: about something you love
-link five: your choice

Tag five other people {two should be those you’d like to get know better}:
the addictive saltwater princess
the adorable ihanna
the sugar-sweet leonie
the brilliantly bright and shiny frankie
the talented uber-cute daisies {however, i know this might be a
hard one for her because she has a new blog so...}

no obligations, no pressure...just if ya wanna!