looking back, thinking ahead...

i have started a book called life makeovers....

it has been on my bookshelf for the past 4 or 5 years.
but i picked it up the other day
and thought that this
might be the time to do it...to follow the prompts,
to see where they take me...

one of the first exercises is to
think over the past year...
and list your accomplishments
and acheivements...the second part of that
is to share it with someone...
i am sharing it
with you...

{and i am hoping that this book will
help me fine tune my mondo-beyondo-grande
list...which is still coming...it's just formulating
right now...}

in the past year, what have i achieved or accomplished?
~parenting a 9 year old and a 13 year old
~succeeded at another year of marriage...
~dealt with 13 having her first boyfriend without hysterics
~bathroom reno
~left one job to start another
~challenged my driving skills by driving 45 min back and forth
to work in WINTER by myself!!
~had my first ever 1 person gallery show
~had my photos shown in a collection in a gallery
~photographed my first weddings and family shoots
~created my own website including a domain name
~purchased my own computer and hooked it up
all by myself!!
~survived a blown tire while driving with no panic
~sold a painting on Etsy
~created an Etsy shop
~had two articles written about me in local papers
~got recognized at McDonalds and asked for autograph :O)
~was asked to go to dominican to shoot a wedding
~signed up for a creative writing workshop
~got a freelance job photographing festivals
~started experimenting with slow cooker
~was asked to collaborate with a blogger i adore on a
photo idea
~wrote a number of test for new job and passed them
~have made time for reading again and am on 17th book
~started doing yoga again
~taught myself how to use lightroom

it was interesting to do this...to put it in print...
this is what i have done...this is how far i have come...
this is in one year...wow.
and to help me decide where i want to go...

the second part to this is to list 3 ways
i have grown over the year...
and i would have to say
confidence in myself/belief in my abilities
comfort in letting more people see the real me...
{heh. funny tho...it's the me you guys have seen
all along...}