i need a jeep #nablopomo

i had a grad photo session this morning
with the cutest grad ever...
{of course, she won my heart immediately by asking me about Pugsley}

blue sky, tank full of gas, grad photos done, cold can of diet coke, loud music, favorite orange hat, camera, going to try to get lost somewhere pretty on the way home

and since it was a beautiful, mild fall day
i filled up my gas tank
bought a cold can of diet coke
and began my plan to "get lost somewhere pretty"
by just driving randomly
turning right or left, depending on the name of the road
watching for where the sun might take me.

So.  I really have no idea where I am.  But...it's very pretty!  :)

i ended up on a dirt road which was off a dirt road
and at some point...there was an actual dirt road intersection.
at first, i was ecstatic...and a little lost...

but i kept driving and stopping to shoot leaves and pine branches...
and then i noticed the road getting narrower...while the sides got higher...
i kept driving, figuring i would come to the end at some point...

i got out in one spot but could have sworn that i heard gunshots.
which made me panicky, a little, thinking...is it still hunting season?
should i be out of my car?  and then i drove by a little metal barn
with a number of pickup trucks and guys sitting in the back of them...
which normally would not bother me a bit (cause chances are...i knew at least one of them)
but my imagination was starting to run a little amok
and i start thinking this is how the bad parts of movies start
and suddenly my radio cut out...
which makes me think...i may not have cell phone reception anymore.

i keep driving...not stopping any more for photo ops...
scared i might get mistakenly shot (and really...why would i get shot...
i don't even know what gets hunted on the island but i assume it's birds...)
and then i get to a HUGE muddy patch with a big puddle on one side
and ruts in the middle....i don't know if you know or not, but
i drive a hyundai accent...not really off road material....

so i debate.
i can't turn around...there is no room even for my usual 15 point turns.
i can't back up...cause literally, i suck at backing up.
but if i get stuck, i am in the middle of nowhere with possibly no cell phone reception.

i take a deep breath
and drive through the mud.

i slide a little but get through...once i get on the other side,
i actually might have yelled a little
and said (out loud) (by myself) "ok!  NOW i will go home!"

the other great thing about this drive,
the thing that really, really, really made my day...
was this...
i mean...it's not this...or this...but it still
made me incredibly happy
(as did the homemade sugar doughnuts I found at a little store in town).
please note...i am not a videographer or a video editor...
as proven by the offering below...