hello 2016!

and so long 2015...it's been fun!

i love going back & looking at the past year...
what worked, what didn't...what changed and
what i realize now that i want to change.

this year, instead of reading through journals
i re-read all of my facebook statuses and
went through my photos...
sign of the times.
(well, for someone like me anyway...
who posts probably more than anyone needs to, heh).

2015 RECAP

i read 8 books in 2015.  EIGHT books.
i mean seriously.  that is embarrassing.
i used to read 8 books in a WEEK.

LOVED the land of decoration...was a little disappointed by Adult Onset (but the bar was raised high with Fall on Your Knees & will likely never be met again).  LOVED the museum of extraordinary things.


  • started this squarespace website and imported my blog onto it...which was terrifying for me to do.  Almost as terrifying as the decision to allow people to know about the blog. :)
  • tried improv and it was fun!!
  • told a story at storytelling circle which made me feel ill but was glad that i did it.
  • did nablopomo for November and only missed one day!
  • auditioned for a part in a play...and got one!  (which...is also terrifying).
  • shot 3 weddings in 3 days (& i did not cry)
  • did school photos for the first time and it was so much fun! 
  • planted two little gardens
  • made a cucumber!

this guy graduated (& I couldn't have been prouder) <3

these were my most liked photos on facebook...hahahaha....from sock monkeys to middle fingers to burn outs and snails...this is the story of my life.

2015 was the year that I

  • made a firm commitment to take 2017 off from photography
  • saw the counting crows
  • waited with the world in anticipation of the muppet comeback
  • got really really lost on a dirt road
  • made a pugosaur for halloween
  • realized i loved blueberry bagels
  • had my lost fitbit replaced and then FOUND my lost fitbit a couple of months later
  • made my whole family into Peanuts
  • dyed my hair black again
  • followed geese
  • looked for F18's and snowbirds
  • took pugsley for his first dairy bar ice cream
  • tried to get photos of a flock of seagulls in a McDonald's parking lot
  • fell twice, for the SAME wedding
  • began a solar toy obsession
  • survived both emma and campbell going away on trips
  • did photo-a-day project until May this time!  Better each year!
  • complained on FB about my lilac shortage so long that someone made a sweet delivery of lilacs to my doorstep!

2015 you were a fairly good year
and 2016 is looking pretty damn promising already! :)
Moving forward with an open mind/heart and a
sense of humor...I'm a man with a plan, stan....bring it on.
I'm ready! 

Winter Wonderland

we had our first snowfall!


these were all taken with my cell phone
while wearing very fuzzy purple pajama pants
with a red hoodie
and pink & purple striped rubber boots...
because I have zero pride.  
I have not brushed my hair since Thursday.  
I am on an editing mission.  
Which I have been doing with one cat on my knee,
a pug under my feet
and one cat trying to catch the cursor.  :)

goalsetter... {nablopomo day 22}

if you know me, even a little, you will know
i am a list maker...
i have an app on my phone
just for lists.
lists like:

  • Pick up
  • Groceries
  • Car
  • Movies to watch
  • Movies i have watched
  • Movies i would watch again
  • Finances
  • Music i love
  • Holidaze
  • Books i want to read
  • Books i have read
  • i want i want i want
  • Blog-about
  • Lunch ideas
  • Sizes
  • Things i want to know more about
  • Winter bucket list
  • I want to::

and that's just what is currently on there.  :)
i also keep lists in my day-timer...first...and most importantly is "yay!"
where i post little things that happen during the week that make me smile
like finding a parking spot on a thursday morning or seeing a tiny flock of birds

and last week i added a special note to myself...
a reminder to calm down.  to breathe.  to let go. 
and some ideas of what to do INSTEAD of working for
at least a little bit of the night...(and seriously when i read that...that sounds kind of sad.)
and, for the record, there are stickers...cause...well...they are stickers!

you will notice...i forgot to call my mother. 

but mainly for the really important things...
like dinner dates with best friends <3

so...all this is to say that I am adding a new line to the Goals list for this week.
last week was all nablopomo and calm the eff down
(seriously, that's what it said.  calm the eff down.)

told you

told you

but this week, i am adding walking...
and eating right again.  but walking...I have to got to get back to doing something
other than sitting in a computer chair.
so i have made a commitment.
it's in the daytimer
so it's pretty much set in stone (it is written in pen)(and not the erasable one).

wish me luck.

oh...and a kitten pic...cause...how can i not post that cuteness.