random gratefulness...

thanksgiving is over...
but in the spirit of thanksgiving,
here is a very random list of things
that i have recently been
thankful for...

  • my family and friends
  • a warm cozy orange house
  • fall leaves
  • dirt roads
  • marshmellow bananas
  • 3 day old chicken fricot
  • tylenol
  • youtube yoga videos (especially those specific to calming raging headaches)
  • hot apple cider
  • pjs with feet
  • maple french toast bagels
  • trips to moncton to see my girl
  • jasmine thomspon
  • hazelnut cream candles
  • secret weddings
  • tragically hip
  • a huge flock of geese that flew right towards my window at work
  • pigs
  • judge judy
  • tomato soup with basil
  • getting lost on dirt roads and finding my way out of trails in the woods
  • sugar doughnuts
  • forehead kisses
  • the song emma wrote
  • polka dot rain boots
  • people so sweet and supportive at the bullet journal session i did
  • watching almost famous again
  • that campbell knows all the words to tiny dancer
  • talking to my mom on the phone
  • bonecrushing hugs
  • early morning mist in the fields

goalsetter... {nablopomo day 22}

if you know me, even a little, you will know
i am a list maker...
i have an app on my phone
just for lists.
lists like:

  • Pick up
  • Groceries
  • Car
  • Movies to watch
  • Movies i have watched
  • Movies i would watch again
  • Finances
  • Music i love
  • Holidaze
  • Books i want to read
  • Books i have read
  • i want i want i want
  • Blog-about
  • Lunch ideas
  • Sizes
  • Things i want to know more about
  • Winter bucket list
  • I want to::

and that's just what is currently on there.  :)
i also keep lists in my day-timer...first...and most importantly is "yay!"
where i post little things that happen during the week that make me smile
like finding a parking spot on a thursday morning or seeing a tiny flock of birds

and last week i added a special note to myself...
a reminder to calm down.  to breathe.  to let go. 
and some ideas of what to do INSTEAD of working for
at least a little bit of the night...(and seriously when i read that...that sounds kind of sad.)
and, for the record, there are stickers...cause...well...they are stickers!

you will notice...i forgot to call my mother. 

but mainly for the really important things...
like dinner dates with best friends <3

so...all this is to say that I am adding a new line to the Goals list for this week.
last week was all nablopomo and calm the eff down
(seriously, that's what it said.  calm the eff down.)

told you

told you

but this week, i am adding walking...
and eating right again.  but walking...I have to got to get back to doing something
other than sitting in a computer chair.
so i have made a commitment.
it's in the daytimer
so it's pretty much set in stone (it is written in pen)(and not the erasable one).

wish me luck.

oh...and a kitten pic...cause...how can i not post that cuteness.